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We offer our expert truck repair service in Melbourne for all makes and models of your trucks and trailers.

With the help of our highly professional team and the latest grade technology, we cater to the diagnostics, maintenance and repair for your fleet of heavy-duty trucks and trailers.

Our team takes immense pride in its customer service ability and dedication to helping you improve your vehicle performance on the road.

Next time you are concerned about your fleet’s overall health, connect with our experts. We will provide you with optimum quality work, customer satisfaction, and the best performance for your vehicles at an affordable price.

What Kinds of Vehicles do We Cater for?

We cater for all the trucks and trailers you own and also cater to your fleet of other heavy-duty vehicles.

Medium Duty
Semi Trucks
Light Trucks
Emergency Vehicles
Emergency Vehicles
Semi Trailer
Work Trucks
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Our Services

We offer diagnostics, maintenance and repair services for all makes and models of your truck and trailers in Melbourne.

Partnering Expertise and Experience to Give You Unmatched Services

OZ Truck Repairs is the leading truck and trailer repair company in Melbourne, Australia. With our extensive knowledge of all makes and models of trucks and trailers, we provide our customers expert repair and maintenance services

We combine our knowledge with the right tools and equipment to ace all kinds of heavy-duty repair works. Our repair professionals are highly trained and have extensive experience working with diverse heavy vehicles.

By using state-of-art tools, we ensure all makes and models of trucks and trailers are on the road in their best condition. Our key focus is to minimise downtime and get your vehicles on the road at the earliest.


Truck Repair Experts in Melbourne

At OZ Truck Repairs, we are a one-stop shop for all your heavy-duty truck diagnostic and repair services in Melbourne. Our team of experts offer high-quality repair service for all brands and models of trucks in your fleet.

We are a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals. We employ cutting-edge technology to cater to all maintenance, repair and diagnostics needs of heavy-duty trailers and trucks in your fleet. We take pride in our prompt response to emergencies, consistent customer support, and top-notch services.

Are you worried about the overall performance and condition of your fleet of trailers & trucks? Connect with our team of experts for a consultation & we’ll ensure that the maintenance and repair work exceeds your expectations. We offer top-class trailer and truck servicing in Melbourne at highly competitive rates.

Heavy-Duty Vehicles We Cater

We understand that your heavy-duty vehicle or equipment might break down at an inconvenient place or time. Under such circumstances, we recognise the importance of timely assistance and repair services. At OZ Truck Repairs, we ensure that your fleet of heavy-duty trucks and trailers keeps running smoothly. We cater to a wide range of brands and models of trucks and trailers in your fleet and other heavy-duty vehicles.

Heavy duty

Connect with us to get an individual truck repaired in Melbourne or avail of our servicing for your fleet of trucks and trailers in Melbourne. Here is a list of vehicles that we service.

  • Semi Trucks
  • Light Trucks
  • Emergency Vehicles
  • Medium Duty Work Trucks
  • Work Trucks

Improve Your Vehicle’s Performance on the Road with Melbourne’s Trusted Truck Mechanics!

Heavy vehicles, such as trucks and trailers, require constant servicing and maintenance to ensure they run smoothly. If you own a fleet of heavy-duty vehicles, you can rely on our experts for all your maintenance and repair needs. Be it engine rebuilding, clutch and brake repair and replacement, emergency breakdowns or any other diagnostic and mending requirements for your heavy vehicles, our experts have got you covered!

Reliable Trailer & Truck Servicing in Melbourne

Our team of experts has extensive experience in dealing with all kinds of diagnostic, maintenance and repair work of all brands and models of trucks in Melbourne. Trucks might appear as sturdy vehicles that can withstand anything. However, on the inside, these vehicles are sophisticated and complicated machinery that require regular maintenance and servicing to ensure that they continue operating in top order. Get in touch with us for all your truck repair needs in Melbourne.

At OZ Truck Repairs, we offer reliable, quick and lasting services as per your requirements and convenience. Scroll down to look at some of the services that we offer our clients.

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Bringing Together the Best of Expertise & Technology for Unmatched Services

OZ Truck Repairs is one of Melbourne’s leading truck and trailer repair companies. Our experts have extensive experience servicing and repairing all brands and models of trucks and trailers.

Bringing Together the Best of Expertise & Technology for Unmatched Truck Repairs and Servicing

Our team combines their expertise with top-notch technology and cutting-edge equipment to provide tailored solutions for heavy-duty repair works. We are highly trained professionals with experience in dealing with diagnostics, repairs and maintenance of heavy-duty vehicles to ensure that they keep operating in top condition on the road. Our focus is on providing high-quality services at optimum times and at competitive prices.

Need Your Trucks & Trailers Repaired in Melbourne?

Call our experts for regular truck servicing for your fleet or emergency repairs on the road in Melbourne. We offer high-quality services at highly competitive prices. Connect with our team for a consultation.

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