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We understand the importance of keeping your vehicles in top running condition, especially when it is out on the road. At OZ Truck Repairs, we provide the best quality repair services in Geelong for your fleet of trucks and trailers. Your safety is our top priority, so we ensure your heavy-duty vehicles meet the optimal safety and performance standards.

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Our experienced professionals employ cutting-edge technology to address all diagnostic, maintenance, repair and installation concerns for your fleet in Geelong. We dedicate ourselves to ensuring your heavy-duty vehicle’s performance, so you can hit the road without worrying about breakdowns.

Next time you are concerned about your fleet’s overall performance, call our experts to have a look. We are proud to offer complete trailer and truck repairing and servicing in Geelong. We provide high-quality services and employ top-notch equipment to get to the root cause of problems before fixing them. Get the best truck repair service near you at highly competitive prices.

Dependable Trailer & Truck Servicing in Geelong

Our team has extensive experience in dealing with diagnostic, maintenance, installation and repair work for all types and models of trucks and trailers. Rely on us to provide the best service for your vehicles. We only employ high-end technology and genuine parts to ensure your vehicle’s optimal performance and longevity.

At OZ Truck Repairs, we provide prompt, reliable and consistent services as per your needs & requirements. Your heavy-duty vehicles are highly sophisticated units and composed of complicated machinery. They require close monitoring and regular maintenance for smooth operation.

We offer a wide range of repair, maintenance and diagnostics services for all brands and models of trucks and trailers in Geelong. Scroll down to look at some of the services we provide for our clients.

Electrical Maintenance

Trucks and trailers consist of several complicated and sophisticated electrical components and circuits. Their malfunction can risk your safety & lead to heavy damage. Our experts use the latest diagnostic tools to detect fault codes generated by the onboard electronics in your heavy-duty vehicles. We isolate the root cause of the problem and use top-notch technology to address & repair them.

Exhaust Repairs & Replacement

Exhaust leaks can lead to the emission of dangerous fumes and gases in the vehicle’s cabin without proper treatment, leading to environmental damages, health risks, and failed emission tests. Our experts diagnose any exhaust leaks in your heavy-duty vehicle and replace them if necessary. We also create tailor-made exhaust components for all brands and models of trailers and trucks.

Steering & Suspension Repairs

Faulty and worn components in your vehicles affect their smooth operation and overall ride comfort. In the case of heavy-duty vehicles, the heavy load they carry puts a greater strain on the suspension and steering. Therefore, to ensure your trucks and trailers perform optimally on the road, it is important to have their suspension and steering serviced regularly. We use a wide range of replacement parts, such as air suspensions, springs, and more, to repair suspension & steering components. We also offer wheel alignment services in Geelong for your trucks and trailers, so your heavy-duty vehicles trail straight and true on the roads.

Engine Repair Services

The engine is like the heart of your vehicle. The vehicle’s smooth functioning is heavily dependent on its engine health. Therefore, regular maintenance and servicing of your trucks are necessary to ensure they run smoothly on the road. Our experts offer a wide range of engine maintenance services, such as rebuilding, reconditioning, overhauling and regular testing.

Clutch & Transmission Diagnostics

Any issues with the clutch and transmission system in heavy-duty vehicles compromise your safety on the road. Therefore, if you think that one of the vehicles in your fleet has a failing transmission system or problems with the clutch, you must immediately connect with our experts. We will successfully detect why the clutch or transmission system of your heavy-duty vehicle is malfunctioning and our team will repair, overhaul, replace or install any component, as required.

Logbook Servicing

On most new vehicles, part of the value you pay is the warranty, which protects the buyer from costs associated with manufacturer defects early in the vehicle’s life. To make the best out of your vehicle’s warranty and keep it for as long as possible, you must get it serviced regularly. At OZ Truck Repairs, we offer logbook servicing for all brands and models of trucks and trailers in Geelong. Our experts conduct intensive inspections to warn you of any issues that arise. You can rest assured that your vehicle’s warranty is intact on leaving our workshop.

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Get in touch with us for all regular maintenance and repair requirements for your trucks and trailers in Geelong. Connect with us for a consultation about convenient, lasting and top-notch services at highly competitive prices and within the optimum time.


Unmatched Trailer & Truck Repairs & Services in Geelong

OZ Truck Repairs is a leading trailer and truck repair company in Geelong. Our team has expertise and experience in dealing with diagnosing, inspecting, installing and repairing all brands and models of trailers and trucks.

We bring our expertise and experience with cutting-edge technology and the latest equipment to provide all our clients with expert care, maintenance and repair for their fleet of trailers and trucks in Geelong. Our team of professionals aims to provide you with high-quality and lasting solutions for your heavy-duty vehicles that exceed your expectations at competitive prices and optimum time.

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